The Workout

The Workout

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The Workout

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July 12, 2010

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"Watch and learn."

-Jenna about to demonstrate.

This is the ninth video Jenna made.

Jenna demonstrates her workout, which looks like a kind of twerk at first, and then evolves into a regular dance. Since she works full time, she hadn't been able to get a good workout. She shows us how she got so fit. She then does pushups, situps, lunges, resumes dancing, squats, and dances again. She takes a break to show us her working out with a pack of envelopes, and then takes a drink. She goes back to dancing, eats Eggo waffles, smokes a cigarette, and then falls asleep.


  • This is the ninth video not to feature Kermit.
  • This is the ninth video where Jenna doesn't speak her closing line.