"My human Jenna got another cermet named Paesh. I hate Paesh. She is a nuisance and thinks everything is a game, it's not an game!" - Kermit (Jenna).

Peach is Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita 's third dog, the sister of Kermit and Marbles

YouTube Cameos Edit

Treating My Dogs Like Babies For A Day Edit

JennaMarbles (April 18, 2018) Edit

Peach can be seen behind Jenna during the intro of the video. While Jenna and Julien are at Babies "R" Us, Julien picks out a bib that says "Daddy's First Draft Pick" for Peach. Later, Peach is seen in the background while Jenna is feeding and cradling Kermit. Jenna observes that Peach is "jealous". After Kermit's turn, Jenna dresses Peach in a onesie, feeds her, and cradles her.

Teaching My Dogs How To Swim Edit

JennaMarbles (August 15, 2018) Edit

Before attempting to teach the dogs how to swim, Jenna predicts that Peach will be the easiest to lure into the pool, because she is motivated by food. When the lesson begins, Peach jumps eagerly into the pool to get her treat. And she proves herself to be a naturally talented swimmer. At the end of the video, Jenna says if any of them deserves a gold star for their swimming, it's Peach.


Peach is an Italian Greyhound. She has a caramel colored coat with a white chest. She is small enough to be carried by the humans. She is married to Kermit.



  • Her main nicknames are "queen"," little lady", “mango”, "miss weach", “weach”, "paesh" and "Papaya".
  • Her birthday is June 15, 2014, making her the youngest of her siblings
  • She is the only female dog Jenna and Julien own.
  • Peach is the smartest of Jenna's dogs.
  • She has been made fun of for being overweight, being called a barrel and a vacuum in comments by fans
  • She has more energy that Kermit and Marbles combined.