Julien Solomita is a content creator, vegan chef, musical artist, pro gamer, and ghost hunter. He is intolerant of gluten. He's currently sponsored by Asus. His go to Chipotle order is a burrito with brown rice, sofritas, and brussel sprouts. Julien cooks many masterpieces in his Aries kitchen, which can be viewed on his highly acclaimed cooking channel found on YouTube that goes by the name "julien solomita".

Julian is French and can speak French fluently. Lui seul peut lire ceci - si vous lisez ceci, Julien, vous lisez maintenant ceci. Solomita occasionally posts vlogs of the four dogs him and his friend and co-parent Jenna. Julien is a versatile gamer, having been witnessed to play a wide array of gaming genres on his Twitch Stream. Willam Belli, however, describes him as a top after witnessing him and Jenna get into drag.

Julien is the father of Weech which makes sense. It also makes sense that he rocks such a big handlebar moustache because he knows how to handle the bar (he was a bartender).Julien and Jenna had a podcast channel called "Jenna + Julien". The final episode as of yet aired August 17, 2020.

Early Life

Julien Solomita was born in Northern California. He spent his childhood in LA after moving there at around age 4. He loves baseball and desired to play professionally, but an accident on his right arm left him with a spinal injury. He has recovered since then.

He worked at a radio station where his interest in media began. During his bartending years, he met Jenna.

On Jenna's Channel

The first video in which Julien was seen on Jenna's channel was 'Photo Booth Tag', where Julien's hands can be seen and his loud breathing and stifled laughter can be heard while he holds the camera.

His second appearance (not counting the 2 seconds he can be seen in the background in her Ireland video, working security for Jenna) was in a video called 'How Home Workouts Work', where his legs can be seen as he is holding Jenna's plushie named Jerome. He had also played Billy Ray Cyrus during Jenna’s videos as Miley. It was unsurprising that Julien would have his own Youtube channel (and his own big boy mullet)

Throughout 2013, Julien's presence in Jenna's life, though not officially stated, can be clearly seen through his influence on Jenna's videos, moving away from a static camera style and more towards Julien's characteristic style of filming with him behind the camera laughing at her, roasting her failures, and cheering her wins.

The first video on Jenna's channel where Julien's face is visible is in a short segment of Jenna's trip to Australia titled 'Oops I'm In Australia'. His second face appearance is in 'How to Mildly Annoy Your Dogs Part 2', though he was not introduced by name until 3 October 2013 in a video titled 'Adventure Vlog'.

Julien often does the bulk of filming for Jenna's channel, though Jenna still handles editing duties.

Julien’s Channel

Julien began his channel in 2012 and since then has grown to over two million subscribers. The channel focused first on his weightlifting but then shifted to a vlog style of filming. He also posts cooking videos and various filming projects. He has successfully pulled practical jokes on Jenna, such as hiding all the cameras, drinking milk in front of her (since she hates milk), and pretending to drop a hoverboard.

As Jenna had a character called Boy Jenna, Julien created a character called Moq who is obsessed with creating makeup tutorials, claims to be dating current celebrities, and is very snappy.

Julien also co-created the Jenna + Julien Podcast with Jenna. They also have a gaming channel and a twitch steam which sometimes has the couple reacting to the full version of fan videos. Like Jenna has pop sockets of her dogs, Julien has designed a collection of pins for free radicals which include popsicles, skulls and #ad. Julien also has an album called Nightmare Fuel which includes The Creepy Song, a song of him laughing madly to a tune. It was well-received from Mr. Marble's when, during a vlog he gave it an alive bark and from the people that heard it when they drove by.

Julien occasionally uploads vlogs to his channels (although he has moved away from the format as a whole).

Julien is an amateur chef and is the creator of "Aries Kitchen," a cooking series on his channel, and he occasionally streams recipes on his twitch. His recipes are vegan friendly and gluten free as Julien is vegan himself and has Celiac disease.



Julien and his fiancée Jenna's friendship is honest and wonderful. They are both realists in how to make their love work. He is caring to her, seen when he fell on her during the Yoga Challenge. He was clearly upset he hurt her. He cooked her favorite bean burgers when she was coming home, and when people came to their house, Julien did a serious vlog on his channel saying how it was not okay to do so.

Julien and Jenna are currently engaged to be married, as Julien shared in an April 2021 announcement video.


Marbles kept forgetting who Julien was in the beginning but with a couple of good years between them has left Marbles loving him, even though Julien never leaves him alone during the podcasts. Kermit loves Julien but clearly he saw Kermit’s nasty self come full circle. Peach is Julien's dog. She, while attention-seeking, is very sweet to Julien who has doted on her since picking her up. Bunny shows her gratitude to Julien by zooming every time she’s with him. Terl the dog is a very important member of Julien's family, as he is the one who adopted Julien Milton Solomita. Ad the Hamster was also greatly adored by Julien, who did a photoshoot holding and kissing Ad in a car. Julien also appears in a video on Jenna's channel where they made things for Ad. When Ad passed away Julien made a tribute video for him and Ad’s ashes were scattered in Julien's Vlog.


Julien is 3' 6". He has many tattoos, mostly on his arms (as well as a full back tattoo, as he said on stream in Nov '21), with work from several artists. They are mostly bright and colorful "neo" style designs, mirroring his love of all things fun and innovative. Julien's hair has changed color and style several times. For the early years of his online presence he could be seen sporting a man bun, but now tends to keep his hair short in a fade undercut. Though his naturally curly hair is very dark brown, Julien has experimented with bleach blonde and several fashion colors in his hair, notably purple and more prominently a bright neon yellow (a shade his partner Jenna has affectionately referred to as 'Julien Yellow'). Oftentimes, he can be seen sporting an array of facial hair, from scruff to a full mustache or beard. He uses glasses and can sometimes be seen wearing them. He has most recently been seen wearing a cowboy hat. He has been recently seen wearing nail polish.

Julien Trivia

  • Julien is trilingual, fluent in English, French, and Spanish
  • Julien is the owner and founder of Peloton bikes
  • Julien's actual deadlift PR is 669lbs with the addition of Bobby on the bar during a lift session in his backyard.
  • Julien is Half Jewish, so him, Jenna and the dogs celebrate Hanukkah.
  • He attends Jiu Jitsu classes.
  • He graduated from Chapman University in Orange County, CA.
  • Julien is incredible at Celebrity Trivia as seen in the Podcast, he also believes that Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway are the same person. Even when Jenna shows him pictures of them he doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate, because they indeed are the same person.
  • Mentioned before, Julien has celiac disease. Also, he is a vegan like Jenna. This causes difficulties for both of them to get food outside, since they have to look for both vegan and gluten-free food. Thus, they often cook food at home.
  • Julien's go-to dish is Pad Thai.
  • Julien loves to eat brown rice
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