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I fucking hate my roommate part 2

I fucking hate my roommate part 2

Upload Date

May 24, 2010

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"I had to listen to a baby crying and a dog barking for half an hour!"

-Jenna in her video

This is the second video Jenna made.

This video is about Jenna's frustration with her roommate (unnamed in the video, but is John Cotton), and is the second part of the first video. It, however, came first in her videos, so this video should really be "Part 1", not "Part 2". 

It features Jenna's friend, Kim, at the beginning of the video, and she waves to the camera. Jenna says that her and her friend Kim were going to dance later. 

Jenna explains that John took Jenna to court for, what she air quotes, "Property damage", yet John didn't even show up to the courtroom. Mr. Marbles was with Jenna when she came home at 9:00 at night and saw a baby stroller outside, to which she brushed off. When she got inside, she heard the baby crying, and then Mr. Marbles barked at him/her, making the baby cry even more. 


  • It is revealed in this video that Jenna smokes, but it is unknown if she still does so.
  • This is the first video not to feature Marbles OR Kermit, although Marbles is mentioned. 
  • This is the second video where Jenna does not say her closing line.
  • This is the second video where Kermit isn't featured.